• If I want to take an MBA, how long in advance should I begin the process?
    If your math and English skills are fine, then leave about 3 months to take your GMAT preparation course and absorb the material. (If your math or English is weak, you should take longer to take the course.) Your application essays will take about 2 months to prepare (We recommend working with Tamar Cohen at Find the deadline for the schools to which you are interested in applying, and work backwards about 5 months or more.

  • I did really well on the SAT. Why should I study for the GMAT?
    The GMAT is trickier and harder than the SAT. The GMAT test-takers are older and better prepared than those that take the SAT, so it is much harder to get a top grade on the GMAT. Study well. The rewards are amazing!
  • I hear all sorts of conflicting advice. Some say that it is just fine to take the test several times. Others say to take it only once. What do you think?
    Obviously the best possible situation is that you take the GMAT once, and do brilliantly. Although some MBA admissions advisors will take students that take the test repeatedly, others feel quite differently. The general attitude is that an applicant to an MBA program should have some insight into marketing himself. A poor showing on a test shows poor preparation. One admissions advisor asked a student: “Didn’t you realize that we would see all the scores? Would you market a product before it was truly ready for market? How could you try to market yourself to us with a grade that was far less than your best?” Our conclusion: Take it once. Take it well!
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the GMAX Online GMAT course?
    The obvious advantages of the course are these:

    1- Flexible schedule:
    You can take it at your convenience, from home, school, or office, and on any computer that has Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. There are no specific times that you must be in a classroom.
    2- Excellence of presentation:
    Very few GMAT courses anywhere share our philosophy. We teach the material thoroughly, filling in all the gaps you may have in each subject, and only then expect you to do the homework assignments. As opposed to any other GMAT course, we give the lessons on full-screen streaming video which you can actually download to your computer. Although the lessons were pre-recorded, you will feel that you are alone with the teacher in the classroom. He or she is at the whiteboard, and you see and hear the lesson, which is directed only at you.
    3- Length of course:
    Most students take about 67 hours to finish the lessons the first time, and at least another 12 hours to take and review the tests. The homework should take about 80 hours to finish. In short, this course is long, clear, thorough, and complete.
    4- No time limit:
    The full course has 30 lessons, for which you receive 90 licenses. With these licenses, you can take each lesson 3 times, or take several lessons many times, and other lessons fewer times, keeping the total to 90. There is no time limit to the course at all. Some students take it very slowly, covering a lesson only every few days, so that they can devote sufficient time to their homework and to reviewing the lessons. At least one student has been taking the course for 2 years now: every time he thinks he’s close to taking the test, he gets promoted at work, and forgets about the GMAT for awhile. Whenever he’s ready, his course is still waiting.
    5- Realistic price:
    Although the course is excellent, and many sites have written about it, the price is very low, at $399, or $499 for the CD Kit. We keep the price low, at least for the time being, so that students all over the world can afford to study properly for the test. If a student is pressed for money, he can join with another student and share the licenses: 90 licenses are far too many for any one student to finish.
    6- Personal help:
    While most students do very well with the GMAX Online course alone, some need personal help. We offer private lessons and email answers.

    Here are the disadvantages for some students:
    1- Self-discipline is necessary:
    If a student cannot work without having outside pressure on him, he will find this type of course too demanding.
    2- Needs some access to the internet:
    If a student has no access to the internet, he cannot take this course.
    3- Personal Preference:
    If a student enjoys sitting in a class, he may consider an online environment a disadvantage. We recommend taking one or more of the demo lessons (available here, at the GMAT Club ( and at youtube ( to check your enjoyment level.