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Before I registered to the Gmax online course, I took the [name deleted] GMAT prep course, which was not an online solution. When the course was over, I realized that I wasn't ready to take the test. I didn't learn as much as I was promised. The subjects were covered quickly with not many explanations or much practice. I had to find another solution that was not as expensive, since I had already spent over $1250.

I never thought that an online course could be as good as a regular prep course. Fortunately, I was wrong. The Gmax Online course was even better and gave me exactly what I was looking for. I needed rules to follow that are clearly explained and illustrated through various examples. I was surprised that by the end of each lesson, I had no questions. The lessons are so clear and easy to understand that I believe this course should be called "GMAT for Dummies".

In addition, as a non-native English speaker, I was very worried about the verbal section of the test. The Gmax course devoted 16 lessons (about 28 hours) to the writing and verbal section. It goes over everything!!! It left nothing behind. The confusing sentence correction questions suddenly became easy.

I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about his or her GMAT. I have done extensive research and this is the best course that I've found. This course covers so much more than I could find in the 7 GMAT prep books I have purchased. Gmax Online gave me much more than the expensive [name deleted] course I previously took, and I urge everyone to not make the same mistakes I did. Get it right the first time, and take GMAX Online.

Sagar Jethani

May 27, 2007 4:37 PM GMT
I tried both Kaplan and Princeton, but ultimately settled on GMAX Online. It's pretty intense. I ulimately scored a 710, up from 550 with Kaplan. Glad to see others here are familiar with this great course.

This course ROCKS
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am the one who was lucky to win this offer and I am here to honest to God tell you the following:
I, undersign, Sean M. testify GMAX is not in any way or form paid me to say any following: My top 10 reasons for choosing GMAX, which rocks

1. I wished I did not take the GMAT without taking this course online.
2. The structure, the homework, the enthusiasm of GMAX staff is priceless
3. I am very happy to be part of this successful team and trust me, if you take good notes, do your homework, review your material, you will see a huge difference in your improving your scores
4. I am in the middle of four lessons and my notebook is almost full from the first few lectures, why? Priceless data that you cannot afford not to know.
5. I encourage anyone who is truly about getting to the top business schools, to at least try the first 20-minute of the lecture to see for yourself that this is better any other company in the industry.
6. What is that you have to lose? You are spending money on using materials that is outdated and does not teach you what the real exam entails, at GMAX, I am seeing almost the same questions that I saw on the actual exam, now I know how to tackle them
7. The reading comprehension part is unbelievable, Abi has a great sense of humor and tells you what you need to know, no BS, straight forward answers and techniques
8. The math section is unbelievable, it is like taking a math class with respect to building on, from the bottom to the top and applying what you learned
9. Part of speech is unbelievable, oh my God, you need to check this out
10. I love this course, even if I did not win it, I would’ve purchase it, no one in the market will meet 60 hours of lectures which you can enjoy in the lecture of your home or office and the information with the handout, the OFFICIAL GUIDE, meaning using the real exam is just outstanding.
Again, I challenge you to find something better that the GMAX, they rock and the support, should you anything is just unheard of, you rock…
Thank you so much
Sean M.

To: Gmax
Subject: In @ Anderson

Good Afternoon, Leanna.

Just a quick note to let you know I have been accepted into the 2009 Executive MBA class at Anderson School of Management. I begin in August. Thanks to you and the whole team at GMAX Online for helping me wow them with my 710 GMAT score!